Sales Leads

    Generating qualified leads is the foundation of doing business. The sales process does not even begin unless you have leads that are actually considering a purchase. Successful selling, therefore, begins with market visibility, since people are going to look around once they decide they need something. If they find you, a system must then be in place to "capture" this lead. To do so is accomplished most efficiently by offering these window‐shoppers things like free samples, free consultation or information that serves their other real life needs: tools they can use to save time, money or aggravation.

"Home Sweet Home"

Our home base includes the metro areas of Hartford, New London, Providence, Cape Cod, Worcester and Springfield, MA but we can generate leads anywhere!

Leads Programs

    Our leads clients divide into two categories: those to whom we deliver fish when they need it, or those for whom we weave a net and string up a rod and send them out into the water prepared. The most important concept with this service is that these are leads who will be identifying and qualifying themselves as ready to buy soon!
    The most effective ways to accomplish this goal involve thought leadership. By positioning oneself as an authority in your market, you show buyers that there is good reason to do business together. Once an interested party has found you, the obvious requirement is to have a system to gather or capture these leads and target your marketing to nurture them through conversion.