Hospitality Projects

    This recognizable promotion has been popular and successful in many markets throughout the nation. The construction and implementation of this in our local region has been very well received and has become our signature group marketing project.

    Our goal in this project has been to establish a better connected forum for Cape Cod's more responsible restaurants and to strengthen their bond with the local community. To do so, we are marketing such of the members forward-thinking policies as their fulfillment of the growing demand for the region's abudant locally produced food resources.

"Home Sweet Home"

Cape Cod's bounty lies in its beauty, its history and its diversity.

Legal Projects

    Our original children's advocacy project has led us to offer economized assistance to either represented or pro se clients in project management and many paralegal aspects of Family Court litigation, from the discovery period through the trial, post-trial findings and evaluating potentials for appeal.
    We have assisted in drafting documents, such as complaints, motions and other common legal documents.
    We are available to conduct legal and investigative research; assist with coordinating document production; review and analyze documents for judicial responsiveness and other substantive or objective criteria; and perform factual and legal comparative research.